Jason Massie

Sales Professional & Brand Specialist

Jason is known for his aspiration to acquire knowledge continually. He approaches life with an open and inquisitive mindset, always seeking to learn, grow, and adapt. His curiosity and eagerness to expand his horizons drive him to explore various fields and acquire diverse skills and experiences.

Characterized by his kindness, Jason is known for his friendly and approachable nature. He values meaningful relationships and readily connects with people from all walks of life. His ability to foster positive connections and create a welcoming atmosphere makes him a valuable friend and colleague.


My Missions


Car Sales

My mission is to be southern Ontario's Car guy for ANY GM product line! If you want a car, you come see Jay.Massie! I Will make your car buying experience different than you have ever had!

Professional Sales

My Mission is to be known as a mature professional sales person, who is undeniably great! No matter the industry I sell, I want to be known as a professional Sales Person!

Guest Experience

My mission is to deliver the best guest experience you will ever receive from a car sales person. I want to be known for a luxury experience, with expectation set and met every sale!

Brand Specialist

To have showcase the brand and website to the masses. Being able to figure out what the people want to see, and when they want to see it is a science in itself, and I want to crack that code.