The Pretto’s Wedding Photography

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The Pretto’s Wedding Photography

This was our Second wedding ever shot in the beautiful Battlefield Park Canada. This has to be one of our best locations for shooting, and being in the summer actually made it for a beautiful shoot. The green trees and plants made the background less visible, making the subjects just POP! The close ups were done perfectly with a macro lens and a canon camera. All photos done here are with a full framed camera. We started from the girls getting ready, and the guys getting ready in the morning. We then follow the bride and groom to the ceremony. once this has taken place, we go to a locations, in this case Battle Field Park, Stoney Creek Ontario Canada, and take an hour of photos, with the bride and groom and the bridal party. Once this is finished, we go to the location of the reception, and photograph the entire time they are there.

We love  shooting wedding, my wife and I, together, because it brings us closer as a couple, and creates a beautiful ora around the entire day, knowing that the people in charge of their photos, has already been through this, and knows exactly what they need, and want.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, shooting weddings with easy goings people, who understand how things work in the real world, and in the wedding world, make everything worth while! Thank you to this wonderful couple, and their family for hiring us, and letting us  make their day a special one, that will last for many years with the memories captured with our cameras. Lastly I would like to add, video is also something that is important, especially now days; Next time you hire a photographer, don’t forget to add your video with a same day edit to play at your reception!

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