St. Johns Conservation Area (Canada) a Day Full of Memories

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St. Johns Conservation Area (Canada)

On a beautiful warm sunny autumn day, in the Niagara Region in Ontario Canada, my wife and I decided to go to St. John’s Conservation Area to take some photos of the beautiful leaf colours, and wild life.

We were able to hike around the lake, and into the forest. The conservation area has a few trails that you can take. the longest is forty-five minutes, and the shortest was ten minutes. The hikes are beautiful, and easy going. Some are a little risky if you have knee problems or if the weather has been bad, however, overall it’s a great get away.

Having taken all trails this visit, we were able to capture not only some amazing photos, but some amazing memories with each other as well. Since this first trip here we have been back multiple times, and it never gets old!

Trail going into the park

Wife inside the park

Me walking into the park

Trail right before the lake

Red leaves

Little duckling

Little ducklings friend

Cool angle of pic nic table

Bench camoflauged with leaves

The lake 

Tree leaves looking to the sky

Macro of red leaf

Magical bench with my wife

Chilling little duckling


Young wife

Selfie with each other

Cool dark cloud sunset

Passer bys doggy


Autumn leaves

Tree roots going into the lake

Stepping yellow leaves

My wife again

My wife hiding in the forests magical bench

In conclusion

I love this place to go and relax, have. Good out door hike, or to go on a couple’s or family date. We have since tMen our child, and dog and other family members with us to the Conservation Area. Everyone we takes love it!

If you are ever traveling in the Niagara Region, then definitely visit St. John’s.

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