Montreal City

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Montreal City Street Photography

While My girlfriend (now wife) and I went out galavanting in Montreal, and Old Montreal, and I was able to take some very interesting photos of normal street objects. Also, all the photos taken were shot on a Canon Rebel xs, with stock lenses. The photos were edited on Google’s Snapseed, and on my Apple iPad. We were there for three days, and stayed at the Days Inn Hotel on the main strip! We went to a few bars, and restaurants and pizza joints. The best restaurant, however, was one that had some Spanish live music and dance, however, I can’t remember the name, for it was so long ago, but the place was beautiful. It was small for a nice quaint dinner date, the wine was delicious, and the service and food were amazing! I would totally reccomend this place to anyone who is going here!

Parking Meter

Apartment Building

Horse rides

Old Court House

Lamp Post

Street Graffiti

Opera Hall

Court House

Old Building

Canada Post Mail Box

Beautiful Statue

Garbage Can

Broken Parking Meter

Colombian at the Pipe Park


Colombian Girlfriend (now Wife)


Water Fountain

Camera was put on a parking post and put a 10 second timer on. I then ran to get the kiss, and it was perfect!

Really cool Architecture

Vine covered building

Old Court House

French Street Sign

No Parking Sign


This was a wonderful trip, including China Town, Old Montreal, Downtown, Casino, and the Bell Centre were just a few places that were visited that was notable to be written about. The best place to be, however, is the strip of Montreal, where you can find strippers, bars, restaurants, and amazing History. This is definitely a must see! If you are going to visit Canada, Montreal should definitely be on your list of places to visit!

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