Colombia Family Trip

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Going to Colombia was one of the best things I could have ever done in my life. Specially because my entire wife’s side of the family including my wife is from there. Our 9month old at the time went with us too and she woke up. She woke up meaning her personality and how she interacted with people and how much happier she has become. The Latin people also woke me up.

Ever since I got back. I can’t stop cooking their food, listening to their music, and dancing with my little one and wife. Colombia was one of my best trips I’ve taken. I can’t believe this place even exists.

Also, what everyone thinks about safety here are way wrong. I felt very safe everywhere I went. Of course at a certain time and certain places I would not go. But all the places I did were amazing. I felt welcomed by everyone here! However it definitely helped knowing people there and having them tour guide you around the country.


We stayed in the capital, Bogota, I’m the north. We partied downtown and visited the original downtown of Bogota as well. We went through swatcha and the mountains. We went to Vafam, a beautiful resort located just outside of Bogota in a city named Malgar. It is so hot here! We also went to the salt mines which is a wonderful see of the world and visited some other really old and historical sites.

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