"Graphic design will save the world, right after rock and roll does" - David Carson

Web Design/Development

Understand the Difference Between Design, and Developement! and what we also add to our Design and Development. Check it out

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Brand Identity

Understand why the brand identity of a company is the most important thing not only for recognization, but also marketing. Understand Here!

Understand Here!

Creative Photography

Learn Why putting creativeness not only in the editing of photos, but the picture itself from the camera is important. Learn Here!

Learn Here!
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brand identity

Without Brand Identity You would never be recognized, or be taken professionally. Its worth the investment!

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responsive websites

These days websites are very important. Mobile websites, have grown and websites are made to be put onto many different screen sizes. Worth a Read!

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creative photography

Anybody can pick up a camrea and snap some photos. But its an art that takes a creative eye to make that photo amazing. Worth a look!


Did You Know?

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Blog Would like to learn more about Brand Identity, Photography, or why a Graphic Designer is important? Check out our blog and find all your answers on the creative industry here.
Jason Massie Studio Podcast
Podcast Can't, or dont like to read? then maybe try listening to our podcast. Same information you get on the blog, but with added interviews, and more indepth information from other designers about the creative industry.
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Youtube Don't like to just listen, or read? Then put a face on the Designers behind the mic. Watch Clips of the podcast on youtube.
Jason Massie Studio RGD
RDG Find out what RGD is, why a designer would choose to pay to become one each year, and why it is important to hire a designer who is a member.


Jason Massie

Jason Massie was born in Hamilton Ontario. Jason has alwas been creative, ever since he was a child. he would draw pictures on his walls, on paper with his mother, and paint images on canvas, and other various materials. Jason has always been tech savvy, having helped his dad build computers from a young age, being enrolled in many different computer courses, and studying business throughout his high school career, on top of art and marketing. As Jason grew up, he decided to define who he was, learning how to create stunning websites, beautiful designs and art, learning the guitar, and training his musical ear.

Jason Massie and his beautiful wife Charline Massie, (Charline M Design) now work together on various projects, from designing brochures, and websites, to purchasing a house, starting a family, and traveling the world. Together this team of two will make your design stand out with flare, and recognition. If you want more information, head to the blog, youtube channel, listen to the podcast, or simply send an email with your questions, and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

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