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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) done on your website will be with a WordPress plugin. Wether you need a basic landing page to bring people to, a blog site, social media website, or even a full on commerce website, Jason Massie Studio will build a website with S.E.O. all over it. or if you already have a website, Jason Massie Studio will make it optimized for search engines. No matter if it is hand coded, or a CMS style website.


Website Design and Development

 The Website Design and Development Created will be WordPress websites with an unlimited number of pages. wether you need a basic landing page to bring people to, a blog site, social media website, or even a full on commerce website, Jason Massie Studio will build a website to your liking, and have everyone that comes onto your website, be intrigued with curiosity wonderment.


Brand Identity

Complete business brand Identity done on your WordPress website. Jason Massie Studio will create a complete brand identity for your company. You will get a guide book to follow, to ensure that anytime you use your new logo, colour pallet, and typography, and you will get everything in a nice package, designed for you and third party companies that you May work with now, or in the future.


Unlimited Monthly Updates

Unlimited Monthly Updates packages are the best way to free up some time for your business. When you need to direct employees, and send document out to partnered companies, or get your taxes ready for your book keeper. Then you will be glad to know, that your online presence, community and advertising is being done for you every day, seamlessly while you get the time focus on what you are good at. You will get monthly insights to see how your online community and presence is growing, and how we are doing as well.


Unlimited Package

The unlimited package will give you everything that Jason Massie Studio offers. You get Package 3 for S.E.O., Package 3 for Social media, Package 3 for Design, and Package 3 for Monthly Updates.Each of these packages will give you the full benefit for your company. The Unlimited package is also the best value for your company. This give you the best of the best at a valued price, to help your business stay fresh in design, up-to-date with S.E.O and build a great online presence and a huge base of followers.


Social Media

Social Media set up on multiple platforms, with branded cover and display photo. Wether you need a basic cross platform re design, or a complete cross platform branded set up, Jason Massie Studio will brand your social media sites, and have them ready for you to start posting. No matter what social media site you want, Jason Massie Studio will make it look great, branded, and optimized for customers and clients.


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Jason Massie Studio has everything a start up company needs to succeed. We start off with research of your competitors, to creating a beautiful logo for your company, with guidelines and typefaces. We do your first ad campaign, website, and any print/digital advertising material you need. (brochures/pamphlets, business cards, posters, flyers, etc) We then have consulting/advising meetings on SEO, and Social Marketing. We start you off, and give you a few options to continue to grow your business. We even offer business essential services. The Jason Massie Studio team consists of two Previsionary RGD (registered graphic designer) members, who are dedicated to help the small entrepreneur succeed with their new investment.


Business Branding
Website Design and Development
S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization)
Social Media

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